The Rebirth of Cool


m=minimal is pleased to release a masterpiece of the early 21st century on vinyl.

“Till The Old World's Blown Up And A New One Is Created” is an outstanding work of reductionism and minimalism. Martin Brandlmyar ( Radian / Trapist / Kapitalband 1 ), Werner Dafeldecker ( Polwechsel, David Sylvian, Autistic Daughters) and Christian Fennesz ( Touch / Mego / Thrill Jockey ) on this record created a new kind of Cool Jazz coupled with a big portion of New York School ( Cage, Feldman, Brown und Wolff).

It’s hard to describe the music with words. This work reveals his secrets only after listening to it a couple of times. It grows with each time you listen to it. In this work, silence and noise are never used as an end in itself. As equal parameters they stand in the composition that also has space for some tonal “flowers”. Our recommended listening time is – round about midnight.

The cd version is available on mosz.