New Fennesz Track “Crystal Canyons”


Fennesz has contributed a brand new track, “Crystal Canyons”, to “ Mutatis Mutandis ”. This digital compilation is part of Touch’s “Spire” series and features 12 exclusive compositions, using source material from The Eternal Chord’s “ Semper Liber ” release. Contributors to “ Mutatis Mutandis ”: Fennesz, Faith Coloccia … [read more]

Per Aspera (ad Astra)


Fennesz has contributed a new seven-minute long exclusive track to the Touch: Isolation project. “Per Aspera (ad Astra )” was recorded during lockdown this April in Vienna. Touch: Isolation is an evolving subscription service offering almost 30 new and exclusive tracks recorded by Touch a … [read more]

Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto Present ”Soil”


A new track by Christian Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto is now available on YouTube. “Soil” is part of a new series by Sakamoto, titled “Incomplete”. He writes: “In these times when things are not “normal,” I wanted to document the sensations I’ve been feeling. I invited a few of my musician friends to do this with … [read more]

New fennesz sakamoto Track Released Today


A previously unreleased fennesz sakamoto track is now available, as part of the Touch: Isolation subscription service. ‘Kizuna (Touch: Isolation version)’ was recorded by Tetsushi Mase at Niki Club in Japan, 2011 and features Ryuichi Sakamoto on piano and Christian Fennesz on guitar. To download, sub … [read more]

New Live Album Available to Download


Fennesz has self-published a new live album, “Live At Empty Bottle, Chicago”. It was recorded on 12 March 2020 and is available from “This was the last show of my USA tour before it got cancelled. Thank you all at the wonderful Empty Bottle, Chicago.” [read more]

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