New Fennesz Track “Crystal Canyons”


Fennesz has contributed a brand new track, “Crystal Canyons”, to “Mutatis Mutandis”. This digital compilation is part of Touch’s “Spire” series and features 12 exclusive compositions, using source material from The Eternal Chord’s “Semper Liber” release. Contributors to “Mutatis Mutandis”: Fennesz, Faith Coloccia, Richard Chartier, Philip Jeck, Orphax, Olivia Block, Jiyeon Kim, Dahra, Daniel Menche and Marta De Pascalis.

Immersive and compelling, “Mutatis Mutandis” expands the organ repertoire into new territory, with influences from Senegalese traditional folk music, modern composition, classical organ, pop and electronic music.

Download “Mutatis Mutandis” featuring Fennesz’s “Crystal Canyons” from