New fennesz sakamoto Track Released Today


A previously unreleased fennesz sakamoto track is now available, as part of the Touch: Isolation subscription service. ‘Kizuna (Touch: Isolation version)’ was recorded by Tetsushi Mase at Niki Club in Japan, 2011 and features Ryuichi Sakamoto on piano and Christian Fennesz on guitar. To download, subscribe to Touch: Isolation –

Touch: Isolation is a subscription-based project. £20 for 20 (or more) tracks from Touch artists. These new and exclusive interventions will include works by Oren Ambarchi, Richard Chartier, ELEH, farmersmanual, Fennesz, fennesz sakamoto, Bana Haffar, Howlround, Philip Jeck, Bethan Kellough, Daniel Menche, Anthony Moore, Yann Novak, Zachary Paul, Claire M Singer, Geneva Skeen, UnicaZürn, Mark Van Hoen, CM von Hausswolff, Chris Watson, Jana Winderen and others to be confirmed – all expertly mastered by Denis Blackham. Two new tracks are being made available twice weekly to subscribers, on Mondays and Thursdays.

Touch write: ‘The cancellation of gigs and festivals has already severely impacted our artists creatively and financially. In addition it has denied you, our audience, the opportunity to see them play and support them. The notion of ‘independent music’ might, in effect, be pushed deeper into the self-isolation mode it is already struggling to break free from. We don’t need studios to the same extent, but we do need a stage, a physical reference and if not, a mental space with which to question the drive to online existence.

We set out to respond to these challenging times in a creative and helpful way. The idea is to present Touch: Isolation whereby a new exclusive track from one of our artists, each with a bespoke photograph/cover image, is presented on a regular basis over the coming weeks. All the income received is collected from your subscriptions and put in a kitty, the proceeds of which are then divided up between the contributing artists.’

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