Hunting High and Low


Fennesz has recorded a cover of A-ha’s ‘Hunting High And Low’ for Fractured Recordings’s limited 10x7” ‘Recovery’ box set.

Pitchfork say: ‘As is typical for Fennesz, his version interacts with the structure of the song in various ways, without becoming a 'cover' per se; the strummed opening chords of A-ha's take are featured prominently about halfway through here, by which point we've already been subjected to a torrent of prickly harmonics and colorful distortion. [ … ] …as Fennesz tracks go, this is ace.’

‘Recovery’ is a collector’s limited edition vinyl box set of 20 cover versions by 20 seminal electronic musicians and composers, issued by Fractured Recordings. Published as a numbered limited edition of 500, the box contains 10 double A-side 7”s, alongside unique cover designs by artist Graham Dolphin.

It is the result of an invitation, extended to a group of leading electronic artists, to create a cover version of a song from the past that holds a particular significance to them. The outcome is an extraordinary and unexpected series of tributes and appropriations of classic hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s, recorded by artists renowned for their inimitable style and seminal contribution to contemporary musical innovation.

Alongside Fennesz, several other Touch-related artists are included in this project: BJNilsen, Mika Vainio, Snd, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ryoji Ikeda, People Like Us, and more…