Fennesz Live at Futuresonic


Academy 2, Manchester, UK, Friday 21 July – The coup of this year's festival, Futuresonic present a rare performance by a pioneer of contemporary music, Christian Fennesz: a meticulous laptop conceptualist who weaves tangible melodies and glowing guitars into dense, almost symphonic textures. Lush, live performance that it as surprising as it is beautiful - he is as likely to play guitar as he is to create sun-baked aural landscapes – Fennesz is one of the most important artists working within the electronic arena. This year's performance will be as far away as it's possible to get from sterile computer experiments, putting the emotional back into electronic music.

‘There's a warmth in Fennesz's work, an emotional integrity’
[David Sylvian]

‘Imagine the electric guitar severed from clich and all of its physical limitations, shaping a bold new musical language’
[City Newspaper, US]

‘Fennesz offers all the puzzles and adventures of experimental music, but with a more assimilable grasp of melody - and a prominent role for the guitar’ [The Wire]