Fenn O’Berg “In Hell”


Superb collection of Fenn O’Berg jams from their 2010 Japan tour, in which they forged further west for some wild sets in Beppu and Omuta. While maintaining the sophistication of the In Stereo sessions and tour, these recordings hark back to some classic 20th Century Fenn O’Berg fare, complete with the odd cheeky samples.

Performed by Chrsitian Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke and Peter Rehberg at the following locations:

20 Nov 2010, Oita, Oitaweb.tv Beppu Tower Hall
19 Nov 2010, Hiroshima, Club Quatro
21 Nov 2010, Fukuoka, Omuta Fuji
24 Nov 2010, Kyoto, Club Metro
22 Nov 2010, Nagoya, Club Quatro

Assembled by Jim O’Rourke at Steamroom Tokyo, 2011. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, 2012. Photograph by Shunichiro Okada.

Out now on Editions Mego