“170212” – a Limited Edition Box Set


FACT Magazine writes: “Austrian sound artist Fennesz will release a live box-set this month.

The laptop ‘n’ guitar mastermind behind albums like Endless Summer, Christian Fennesz hasn’t released a full solo album since 2008′s “Black Sea”, instead focussing on soundtracking and collaborative projects. Last year, he released his soundtrack to Aun, an Austrian film that tackles death, alternative energy sources, maths, the supernatural and more, and this new release documents a live performance of music from ”Aun”‘s soundtrack that took place in Florence, February 2012 [via RBMA].

This box-set comprises both vinyl LP and double-CD recordings of the performance, a 12-page photo book, and a DVD of Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (Symphony of a Great City), a German silent film made by Walter Ruttmann in 1927. It comes limited to 500 copies, and will set you back £80 to £110, depending on where you buy.”