Hotel Paral.lel

Mego (CD, digital) ✖ Released: 09.1997 ✖ Buy: Bandcamp

”Hotel Paral.lel”, originally released in September 1997 by Mego, was Christian Fennesz’s debut solo album. Following up from the EP “Instrument”, it was an investigation into the sonic possibilities residing in guitar based digital music, recorded just before mobile computing devices became the norm.

A far more darker and experimental work than what was to follow. Freeform noise, sliced techno beats and subtle ambient textures create a timeless work, which is an essential addition to any collection of pioneering music of the late 20th Century. On the closing “Aus” we see a glimpse of what was to come, a springboard to the future.

  1. Sz
  2. Nebenraum
  3. Zeug
  4. Blok M
  5. Santora
  6. Dheli Plaza
  7. Fa
  8. Traxdata
  9. GR-500
  10. Szabo
  11. Uds
  12. Herbert Missing
  13. Super Feedbacker
  14. Aus
  15. 5
  16. Aus video