eRikm & Fennesz ‎– Complementary Contrasts, Donaueschingen 2003

hatOLOGY (CD) ✖ Released: 12.2004 ✖ Buy: Out of print

From the liner notes, by Reinhard Kager: “Two different temperaments, the same background – this observation was the basis of the idea of inviting eRikm and Fennesz to form a duo for the first time. A few days before the duo premiered at the Donaueshinger Musiktage 2003, the musicians met in the SWF studios to try out strategies for playing together. This CD captures the two best takes from these studio sessions along with the recordings of the festival concert, which lasted about 40 minutes. Although they are much more abstract than the rock-like Donaueshinger concert, the studio takes reveal most strikingly that the new duo is united in inner harmony.”