Christian Fennesz/Sachiko M/Peter Rehberg/Otomo Yoshihide – ErstLive 004

Erstwhile Records (CD, Digital) ✖ Released: 01.2005 ✖ Buy: Bandcamp

Christian Fennesz: computer. Sachiko M: sinewaves, contact microphone on objects. Peter Rehberg: computer. Otomo Yoshihide: turntables.

Recorded on 6 May 2004 by WDR at Stadtgarten, Cologne as part of AMPLIFY 2004: addition.

ErstLive is a series of releases from Erstwhile Records, documenting notable live sets associated with the label. The discs are designed to simulate a concert experience, each in the same template design using two colours chosen by the musicians involved, with a photo of the concert on the back cover.